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Playboy TV’s First Kiss Parody | Playboy Morning Show (by MİCKEY MOUSE TV)

This they do all day #Agatha #Nacho #lazy #cats cc @dianalvarezdiaz (at Colinas De Cantabria III)

Stephen King being Stephen King

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Tonight the moon will turn red and if you’re in virtually any place in the Western hemisphere –- and you can stay awake — you should be able to see it.

This extraordinary celestial show is, in fact, a product of a relatively rare full-lunar eclipse. The Earth, moon and sun will be in alignment for a few hours on April 15 (early Tuesday morning), so that our blue orb’s shadow will pass over the moon. Light from the sun will scatter through the earth’s atmosphere and illuminate the moon (NASA describes it as a “all the sunsets on Earth, projected onto the Moon”), resulting in the moon’s temporary “red” appearance. The so-called “Blood Moon” will more likely be a lovely shade of rose. Read more…

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Windows Phone 8.1 is here , and with it comes not only with a notification center(!) but a brand new Halo-flavored voice assistant. But how does Cortana shape up against her competitors, who have a year or two of experience on her? Surprisingly well.

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Graph Your Expenses to See Where You Can Cut Back

So you’re trying to tighten your budget, and you want to know which expenses to cut first. Money blog Moolanomy suggests graphing your expenses to figure out how to prioritize them.

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Le directeur artistique Robert Jahns a retouché une série de photos surréalistes de Venise en rassemblant des photos d’Italie prises par Luis Manuel Osorio Fernando avec les photos de lacs glacés de Russie prises par Daniel Kordan. Robert Jahns voulait montrer à quoi ressemblerait le canal de Venise s’il était gelé par l’hiver.

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Why Eating Seasonally and Locally Is Better for You (and Your Wallet)

Health experts and chefs both often say you should eat “seasonally,” or include foods in your diet that are grown at the same time of the year you eat them. For example, that means squash in the summer and fall, and artichokes in the spring. Eating seasonally is important, and carries benefits to your health, the planet, and your wallet. Here are some of them.

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Zuta Labs has created a mini robotic portable printer

A portable robotic printer that works by traveling across the surface of a piece of paper is well on its way to reaching its US$400,000 Kickstarter target. Designed by Israel’s Zuta Labs, the device is intended to provide users with a means of printing on the go. .. Continue Reading Mini Mobile robot makes printing portable

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